Study stuff

Links to useful study resources- when at times you feel like you don’t understand your lecturer/ lecture notes or need to quickly look up some anatomy you’ve forgotten.. Nb: I am not paid to promote any of these things, I just find them really useful!

Free online resources:

  • VIN veterinary information network (FREE for vet students, just sign up!)
    • IVALA 3D anatomy – so useful for visualising anatomy
    • Virtual clinic + case studies
    • they literally have tons of resources…
  • MSD veterinary manual
    • I find they provide a really good overview of diseases etc
  • Veterinary Ophthalmology by David Williams
    • A variety of opthalmology cases seen by our finest vet lecturer in Cambridge Uni, he also as an instagram @bow_teye
  • VetWings facebook group
    • a UK based FB group where clinicians post cases for students to answer in the comments, created during the pandemic due to lockdown/ placements being cancelled as a way of keeping students educated in these trying times
  • eClinPath
    • a great FREE resource on veterinary clinical pathology, definitely helped me understand things better during revision for exams
  • Clinician’s Brief
    • a great FREE resource (just sign up) on small animal diseases, diagnostics and treatments, you can sign up to their newsletter too.
  • WikiVet

Paid resources

  • miniVET guide by Dr Gerardo Poli
    • pocket-sized notes perfect for small animal EMS placements

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