Pre-clinical EMS

The Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) have created a really awesome guide on this where you can access it here [AVS Pre-clinical EMS guide] All credits to them for providing this support to vet students in the UK!

In the AVS guide they write about what to expect, things to consider before going for that specific EMS, common jobs to expect and questions to ask while at placement.

Packing list

  • comfortable clothes to do work in
  • wellies- steel toe capped (for lambing, dairy, equine placements)
  • boiler suit/ overalls
  • food! lunch and snacks are a must
  • waterproof top and trousers*** (for lambing, dairy placements- you do not want to be soaked in all sorts of juices, I once had a lamb kicked a whole bottle of iodine over my legs which soaked through my boiler suit… it was mixed with surgical spirit so it stung like hell!)
  • your keenness – remember that keen person who went all out while applying to vet school? Bring that person back and channel that keen aura to get the most out of your placements.

Finding Pre-clinical placements

Tip: Besides using the vet school database, I looked up a bunch of places online and then sent out loads of emails hoping to get some replies. Some veterinary schools/ agricultural colleges also take students for EMS

Tip: When writing emails for placements I create a template, note down my available dates and a line or two on wanting to help and learn from their establishment because I am passionate in learning more about [fill in the blanks].

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