Applying to vet school?

When I first started applying to veterinary school (6 years ago.. oh how time flies!) I remember feeling clueless as I didn’t know anyone who was studying vet med (or a vet), resources in college were limited (compared to students wanting to apply for human medicine) and it was only by chance (!!) that I found a really helpful senior (now close friend!) via Facebook who was wiling to talk me through the process and guide my way to my dream vet school. Oh and spending lots of time on google, student forums of course. To save you some time, I have compiled some resources for applying to vet schools in the UK 🙂

EMS stuff

Extra-mural studies (EMS) or ‘seeing practice’ are part of the RCVS requirements in order for us to complete our undergraduate degree in the UK. In this section you will find some links on finding EMS placements, how to prepare/ pack for placements, some tips if you are an international student (like me!)

Study stuff

Here I list my favourite online educational tools- mostly free for students! – and useful Facebook pages, websites that I have found useful for me throughout my vet degree.

Comments/ feedback

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