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Extra-mural studies (EMS)

What is EMS?

“EMS stands for extra-mural studies. Extra-mural placements are an essential element of undergraduate veterinary education. Students must complete a minimum of 38 weeks EMS during their course, which should normally consist of 12 weeks pre-clinical and 26 weeks of clinical placements. EMS provides students with an unrivalled opportunity to gain real-life work experience that enhances their university-based studies.” – (info taken from the RCVS website which explains this in further detail)

How to book/ apply for EMS?

This generally varies between universities (I think). At Cambridge, you have to email places in advance and organise your own places. You either search for places using the vet school database or google (I have included some useful links in the sub-sections!) I know at some other universities the vet school organises it for you. Both have pros and cons, just different ways of doing things.

Useful guides made by the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS)

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