Clinical EMS

The Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) have created a really awesome guide on this where you can access it here [AVS Clinical EMS guide] All credits to them for providing this support to vet students in the UK!

In the AVS guide they write about what to expect, things to revise before going for that specific EMS, common jobs to expect and a list of some practices.

Packing list + what to wear

There is a list in the AVS Clinical EMS guide, but I have made them into check list .docx (to save you some time!) You can download them below:

Finding EMS placements (database) – your vet school should have a good database already, but here are other ways to look for EMS:

  • XL vets
    • you can filter placements by species and see practice locations on the map, very useful
  • Asking your seniors!
  • Good old google

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