Vet student chats: Hsiao Qien, 3rd year at Glasgow Vet Uni

Hi all, today’s post is a short and sweet interview with a veterinary student at University of Glasgow. I hope this can provide some useful insights to future applicants! Q: Hi there, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, could you please introduce yourself? 😊 A: Hey, my name is Hsiao Qien, but everyone callsContinue reading “Vet student chats: Hsiao Qien, 3rd year at Glasgow Vet Uni”

Is studying veterinary medicine right for me?

A common question I get asked by people that I meet for the first time, when they know I am a vet student, other than ‘are you vegan?‘ is “awww, that is so cute, have you always wanted to be a vet? You know, I wanted to be a vet when I was little too….”Continue reading “Is studying veterinary medicine right for me?”