W4: Equine Ambulatory rotation

Happy 2021 folks! Apologies for the long hiatus, no excuses (ok maybe I was a bit busy balancing vet work while attending the Part Time YouTuber Academy course by Ali Abdaal (link to his course here) , so I have been more consistent with posting vet school content on YouTube! Video attached at the bottomContinue reading “W4: Equine Ambulatory rotation”

W3: Anaesthesia rotation

Most people have told me that anaesthesia was a relatively chilled week, but somehow I felt like it was pretty exhausting, maybe it was because I was churning out some content for the Cambridge Vet School’s Instagram page everyday for a week as well (@camvetschool by the way, if you wanted to check it out!)Continue reading “W3: Anaesthesia rotation”

W2: Neurology rotation

Yikes! Another week has gone by and we have completed our Neurology rotation… (no more neurology until we face our final year exams – not sure how I feel about that) This week felt slightly more manageable than Medicine week, maybe it is because we have familiarized ourselves with the routine of reading up historyContinue reading “W2: Neurology rotation”

W1: Small Animal Medicine rotation

Thought I’d do a quick summary review of my first ever rotation week! To serve as an educational/ sentimental purpose for the future when I look back and see how far we’ve come. I cannot believe it is the end of the week already! (well, not quite, as I still have to go in tomorrowContinue reading “W1: Small Animal Medicine rotation”

Vet student chats: Hsiao Qien, 3rd year at Glasgow Vet Uni

Hi all, today’s post is a short and sweet interview with a veterinary student at University of Glasgow. I hope this can provide some useful insights to future applicants! Q: Hi there, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, could you please introduce yourself? 😊 A: Hey, my name is Hsiao Qien, but everyone callsContinue reading “Vet student chats: Hsiao Qien, 3rd year at Glasgow Vet Uni”

Is studying veterinary medicine right for me?

A common question I get asked by people that I meet for the first time, when they know I am a vet student, other than ‘are you vegan?‘ is “awww, that is so cute, have you always wanted to be a vet? You know, I wanted to be a vet when I was little too….”Continue reading “Is studying veterinary medicine right for me?”

5 things I wish I knew before going to vet school

1. Costs – tuition fees + placement expenses + cost of living in the UK Vet school can be quite costly. Besides tuition fees, you also have to pay for your expenses while on EMS placements and also feed yourself during term time. Multiply that by 6 (or 5, if you are on a 5Continue reading “5 things I wish I knew before going to vet school”

EMS as an international student – woes and how to get around it

EMS = placements at vet practices/ animal-establishments for 2 weeks to learn/practice skills animal handling and seeing clinical work. Before vet school, I had no idea that EMS placements would take up a lot of time and money. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being on placements, it is one of the only timesContinue reading “EMS as an international student – woes and how to get around it”

Mind set(s) to have on the first day of EMS

It is okay to feel nervous, you are entering a new environment and meeting new people. I always found it awkward as you are not sure where to place yourself. But a wise friend once told me ‘it is only awkward if you think it is‘. Sometimes we have to tell that inner voice thatContinue reading “Mind set(s) to have on the first day of EMS”