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This is a brief summary of the requirements for applying to vet schools in the UK. (The listed vet courses are 5 years long except for Cambridge- 6 years). Please look up the relevant universities’ website for more accurate info, this is just to summarise/ make the info less daunting! I found that so much has changed since I myself applied to vet school, you used to have to do BMAT and UKCAT for some unis, but you don’t anymore!
(Information up to date as of 4/7/2020)

You apply via UCAS (I did 5years ago!) with UCAS code D100 list up to 5 courses on UCAS but only 4 of them can be veterinary medicine programmes. I remember applying for Biological sciences degree in UCL, without changing my personal statement which was focused on my veterinary medicine application.

University Entry requirementsWork experienceExtra tests/ interview
Cambridge A level: A*AA (in Chemistry, one of Biology, Physics or Maths)
no specific requirements, recommended 2 weeks if possibleNatural Sciences pre-interview written test,
interview ✓
BristolA level: AAC or A*BC (inc. Chemistry, one of Biology, Physics or Maths)
1 week in veterinary practice, 1 week in animal-related setting*May or may not have interview
EdinburghA level: AAA in Chemistry, Biology and one other subject*no specific requirements, the broader the experience the better (vet practice, farms, zoos, kennels, abattoir…)Multiple mini interviews ✓
GlasgowA level: AAA in Chemistry, Biology and 3rd science subject (preferred)Minimum 1 week at vet practice and some hands on experience with farm animals Interview ✓ (between Dec- Feb)
LiverpoolA level: AAA in Chemistry, Biology and 3rd science subject Min. 5 days (2 of small, equine or farm animal work experience)*
Interview ✓ (Nov-Dec)
NottinghamA level: AAB (A in Bio and Chem, B in 3rd subject)Min. 4 weeks animal handling work experience of broad range (vet practice, catteries, farms, kennels…)*30 minute interview ✓
Royal Veterinary College A level: AAA (Bio, Chem and 3rd subject of choice)Total of 70 hours in vet practice and total of 70 hours in a non-clinical working environment with live animals (total 140 hours)*Interview ✓ (Nov-Jan)
SurreyA level: AAB (A in Bio and Chem, B in 3rd subject)Min. 4 weeks animal-related work experience (1 week at vet prac)Interview ✓
*see respective university websites for COVID-19 allowances (as the pandemic would be make it harder for students to complete work experience for obvious reasons) and other specifics

English language requirements (if it isn’t your first language, I only listed IELTS and TOEFL because they are one of the more common tests taken in Malaysia)

  • Cambridge [link] – IELTS 7.5, TOEFL 110
  • Bristol [link] – IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 95 
  • Edinburgh [link] – IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 100
  • Glasgow [link] – IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 90
  • Liverpool [link] – IELTS 7.0, SPM 1119 (grade C)
  • Nottingham [link] – IELTS 7.5
  • RVC [link] – IELTS 7.0, SPM 1119 (grade B)
  • Surrey [link] – ILELTS 7.0, TOEFL 95, SPM 1119 (grade C)
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