About me!

Hello. I am May Yean, a Cambridge vet student and I want to help people who are interested in entering the vet profession achieve their dreams. 🐱

When I first applied to veterinary school (6 years ago.. oh how time flies!) I remember feeling clueless as I didn’t know anyone who was studying vet med (or a vet), resources in college were limited (compared to students wanting to apply for human medicine) and it was only by chance (!!) that I found a really helpful senior (now close friend!) via Facebook who was wiling to talk me through the process and guide my way to my dream vet school. Oh and spending lots of time on google, student forums of course. To save you some time, I have compiled some resources for applying to vet schools in the UK in this blog 😊

Doing vet school for the past 5 years has been challenging, stressful and fun but there were definitely quite a number of things that I did not expect to be doing while on this degree. Being one of the only international students in my year group brought about some interesting challenges as well.

To read more about why I decided to be a vet and some pointers to decide for yourself, if you are interested in a veterinary career, here are some links:

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