Vet student chats: Hsiao Qien, 3rd year at Glasgow Vet Uni

Hi all, today’s post is a short and sweet interview with a veterinary student at University of Glasgow. I hope this can provide some useful insights to future applicants!

Scenic view of the University of Glasgow buildings with the landmark Gothic Bell tower dominating the skyline (image source: image:

Q: Hi there, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, could you please introduce yourself? 😊

A: Hey, my name is Hsiao Qien, but everyone calls me HQ. I come from the foodie paradise that is Malaysia!

Q: What year are you in and which other universities did you apply to?

A: I am going into my third year as a student at the University of Glasgow. I applied for several other universities, including RVC, Edinburgh and Liverpool, though I never received an offer from Liverpool.

Q: What is the best thing about being at Glasgow Vet School?

A: Unlike most other universities, students of Glasgow university are exposed to important vet skills, such as suturing and animal handling, right from the get-go. This allows us to have the competitive edge over students from other universities when it comes to clinical skills. The curriculum is also well thought out, in that the modules are taught in tandem of each other, instead of the usual segregation of topics. As such, we have a better understanding of how the various body systems interact with each other. This trains us to be able to think like vets, instead of students, and be more prepared for when we eventually graduate.

Q: How is extra-mural studies (EMS) organised at your university?

A: Pretty much the same throughout UK universities, we have an online database that provides us with loads of available placements. The filter button allows us to select placements based on our set preferences, such as location of the placement, type of placement, etc. 

Q: What is it like living in Glasgow?

A: The reason I chose to enter Glasgow was in no small part due to the legendary Glaswegian hospitality. People here are generally quite friendly, and it’s quite difficult to pass someone on the streets without smiling/ throwing a quick “hiya” their way. Living expenses here are also much cheaper compared to England. Finally, the relatively large enclave of Singaporean/ Malaysian students persuaded me to choose Glasgow. Having them around just reminds me of home, and it makes the long winter nights slightly more bearable.

Q: Any tips or advice for future applicants thinking of applying to Glasgow vet school?

A: Gain as much experience as you can before applying. That’s really the only thing that will help you stand out from the rest, because chances are that everyone applying to enter vet school will be just as academically qualified as you. Also, you should do your research on the vet school of your choice if you want to impress them. Most of them have a mission statement of sorts which you can align yourself to during interviews or when writing up your applications.

For more information on studying at Glasgow university:

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