Hello there :) !

Hi friends, I am May Yean, a final year vet student @ Cambridge Uni. With this blog, I hope to inspire and provide a resource to students on how to apply to vet school (in the UK!), what its like, surviving vet school and how your vet career can take you to many places 😊

The site is divided into these sections:

  • Applying: Information on how to apply, how to know if the degree is for you
  • Stories: A peek into what vet school is like (at Cambridge, anyway)
  • EMS tips: Finding EMS, what to expect and how to prepare for it
  • Study tips: Useful links to resources for pre-clinical and clinical years
  • About me

Every 2 weeks, I share interesting veterinary articles, practical tips on how to navigate life and being the best version of ourselves straight to your inbox. If that sounds like your thing you can sign up to my newsletter below 😻

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Updates: I started a newsletter!

Hi friends, sorry it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog! Some quick updates: I’ve started a free newsletter that you can sign up to here – it’s basically a place where I can share some vetty insights, some practical self-growth ideas and where I’ll probably be updating you about life as a…